Hand Crafted Bowties by Kirimoo

Perhaps the only time I contemplate shaving is when am unable to flaunt my bowties – Al Claudius

With a name like Bowties and Bones for my website, I have done a pretty lousy job so far in sporting bowties. Bones, fortunately isn’t what many people joke about. I’d have a “hard” time showcasing it on the blog. Now that we have that awkward joke out of the way, let’s get to the point shall we?

The beautiful package from Kirimoo that had me grinning from ear to ear!

Instagram is quite a distraction these days. Thanks to a phone with not that great a camera (that also doesn’t allow me to add new contacts) I use it primarily to stalk people and look for pointers on style. An account that caught my attention was Kirimoo. They had this elaborate spread of caps and hats that were cut and assembled by hand. I followed them, they appeared to have liked what I did so they followed back. Perhaps amongst my first #F4F! Ha..

I was only telling Kirthana the other day, how much I loved her hair!

I’ve always been interested in textiles and love bright prints. So I decided to start small and venture into the accessory market with the focus being on the fabric. – Kirthana Muthalya

Having found an investor in her brother and a manufacturer willing to experiment with a fabric he wasn’t familiar with in small batches, Kirimoo was established in September 2014. It all began by identifying that the market was deprived of funky headgear. In a market flooded with snapbacks, what Kirimoo brought into the equation was fun.


What I personally liked, was the fact that to ensure minimum wastage of fabric, Kirthana began hand crafting bowties from the fabric left over from making hats. Future plans for Kirimoo include sourcing fabric from varied parts of the country as well as printing their own designs, and of course, branching out into other product lines.

If there’s one person I had to pick as an absolute stud-muffin in a bowtie, it would have to be Scratch. Surely enough, I got him in on the shoot and tagged along to get me some limelight.

17 IMG_1796

Photographs of Scratch and Al Claudius by Deepak Singh

On Al Claudius: Denim Shirt by Giordano
Bowtie on Al and Scratch by Kirimoo
Vintage watch by HMT
Denim shorts by Jack and Jones
Deck Shoes by Clarks
Chair by Rixi Bhatia and Abhik B

PS: No animals were armed in the making of this post



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