Main Squeeze of the Month – That Girl Posh

I know, we missed February and that is just not fair to you readers. But we have something interesting for you this month.

A fashion blogger born and raised in Hong Kong, Roshini Daswani shares her love for Britain and Beards with me. It was her time spent in London that has its visible influence in her style and tastes. And this girl has her sights set on becoming a name to reckon with, in the world of  Fashion.

Posh2 copy

And I give her 10 extra points for loving the beard!

B&B : What is the weirdest pick up line you have ever been subjected to?
Roshini : “Are you from out of space? Cause you look like a star.”


B&B : On the contrary, what’s the smartest pick up line you have ever heard?
Roshini : “My doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U.”
B&B : Meh! I can do a lot better. Have I used my “Did you just fart” pick up line on you?

**Awkward silence for 30 seconds**

B&B : What is your way of unwinding?
Roshini : Online shopping and Retail Therapy (specifically walking down Oxford Street in London and admiring the window displays)

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.58.18 PM

B&B : What’s your take on men’s fashion?
Roshini : I enjoy styling men’s fashion, there is so much opportunity to experiment with different looks. However as with all fashion, it really depends on the guy’s personality and whether he has the suave to pull off something out of the ordinary. I especially enjoy the look of guys in t-shirts or shirts with a cardigan top, I love the mixing of textures.


B&B : There is this entire debate on Beards over clean-shaven men. What way are you inclined?
Roshini : Beards! The five day stubble is my favorite. I find it super hot and masculine.

B&B : What is your favorite time of year and why?
Roshini : Winter any day! There are endless ways to experiment with winter fashion. I love the layering of different textures and mixing different colours. Also then I get to wear fur and leather which are my winter essentials!!
B&B : Funny you say that, it applies to me as well. For the limited excuse of a winter that we experience in Bombay, I love to get my leather jacket out for some mileage. As for fur, I have my beard. Haha..

B&B : So imagine you are going out to get a drink with friends. What are we most likely to see you in?
Roshini : That is quite simple, in a crop top and jeans.


B&B : And what would you choose between a book and a movie?
Roshini : I’d rather watch a movie.

B&B : What is one thing in your wardrobe that is indispensable to you?
Roshini : During winter time, my fur coat!


Roshini7 (blues)

B&B : And what is 0ne wardrobe staple you think is indispensable for men?
Roshini : A hot pair of Jeans.

B&B : Say I wanted to ask you out. What would you say are my chances.
Roshini : My kind of guy needs to enjoy working out and have a ripped body to show for it. I believe that when a guy has the discipline and will to commit to taking care of himself, he will take care of me too! 😛

**I set aside my tub of ice cream and gupled down my coke**

Roshini : I also want my guy to be ambitious and powerful but a smooth talker too, then he is always either impressing me or wooing me.


You can follow Roshini on Instagram and check her work out, on That Girl Posh.

Leave behind your comments on what you make of her style and the interview. Anything else, that you would want us to ask her perhaps?



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