The New Wardrobe Essentials For 2015

We all hear the “New Year, New me” BS as we get to the last month of the year and well into the first month of the next. Timelines on facebook, twitter and what have you flooded with resolutions (much like the one I made here).

As we make our way through 2015 I present to you a few critical pieces you might as well own, as you evolve into a more stylish, errr, you!

  1. Distressed Denims

They have been quite the fad for a while. But ditch the ones that have been neatly distressed and go for something that is haphazard. Only recently did I stumble across hand-distressed denims at Jack and Jones. No 2 pieces are alike, they tell me.

Denims by Jack and Jones. Deck Shoes by Clarks.
  1. A Leather Jacket

Clothes are seldom known to appreciate in value. Unlike a collector’s edition Rolex or the Heuer Monaco that Steve McQueen strapped on. But with wear, a leather jacket develops character. Besides, it won’t get a lot of wear time in tropical climates but when you pull it out for your next trip or during winter it will look all the same. Just store it well. Read the entire post here.

Tee, Denims and Goat Skin Leather Jacket by Jack and Jones. Aviators by American Optical.
  1. A Signature Backpack

Sure, you can pick one of those sports brand backpacks. If you are in school. Or perhaps a messenger bag which you would get for free if you shopped for a mid-level laptop. Or you could get one custom built by hand like my Cambridge Batchel Backpack. PS: It also has my initials on them.

Shirt by Lacoste. Denims by Zara. Batchel Backpack by Cambridge Satchel Company.
  1. A Classic Pair of Kicks

I have been a huge proponent of plimsoles or canvas kicks. But ever since I laid eyes on these babies, I have been looking for opportunities to wear them frequently. I can’t have asked for more, when I saw Nike Air Max sneakers being seen so frequently at all the global street style shoots. Read how I styled it, here.

Nike Air Max 90 Essentials
  1. An All Metal Watch

I can never stop harping about automatic watches. There just is something quite nice about them running with you. Buy one in stainless steel and they look equally good in casuals as they do with your dress shirts.

B&B Kumbharwada30
Celebrating India’s win against Pakistan with Sangria in my Nike Customized Jersey and Tissot PR 516 Visodate Heritage
  1. Monk Strap Shoes

Most of us spend the better part of the week within the confines of our corporate jobs. So it only makes sense that at least one recommendation is work friendly. Monk straps were all the rage from mid last year. I picked one up from Koovs that were a bit sprightly. I like that they are light weight and are subtly bright.

Denims by Jack and Jones. Monk Straps by Koovs.

There you go, 6 recommendations that should help you get through the first half of 2015 for starters at least. Do you think I should have included any thing else? I am interested in your views, go on and pop them into the comments section.



  1. Hi, great look with the leather jacket. I am interested in buying that same Jack and Jones jacket but not sure about the sizing as I live in US but am buuying from Uk. Would you be able to tell me what fits best for a 6ft4in 208 pound guy? Thanks for any help.


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