Outfits And Sneakers I Wore In Viet Nam and Malaysia 

Continuing to document my everyday outfits through my travels, in this one, we look at some of my outfits in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Through these posts I guess you will see me repeat a lot of my outfits. Well, isn’t that the point of it all? You don’t need too many clothes and if you mix and match them well enough, the few that you have will make for a decent rotation.

Before we get into the outfits, let’s take a quick look at the travel vlog too in the meanwhile from my YouTube channel:

Yeezy Foamrunner
I regret not buying more Yeezy Foamrunner’s because now Kanye is no longer with adidas 😦
Allen Claudius
Attending the Guinness Stout event in KL
Allen Claudius
Heading out for some coffee in Kuala Lumpur
Allen Claudius
Chilling in my AirBnB in Ho Chi Minh City
Allen Claudius
At the Petrosains Museum in Kuala Lumpur
Allen Claudius
Outfit in Saigon, Viet Nam, in the AirBnB
New Balance 2002r Protection Pack Rain Cloud
New Balance 2002r Protection Pack Rain Cloud

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback or questions on these outfits.

Allen Claudius
One evening in Penang
Allen Claudius
Holding up an umbrella in Penang
Allen Claudius
Shopping for ramen before I head to the airport
Allen Claudius
Getting Coffee at my favourite cafe – Optimist – in Kuala Lumpur
Atmos Elephant Print Nike Dunk SB
Atmos Elephant Print Nike Dunk SB
Allen Claudius
Saying my goodbyes to Malaysia, but not for long!
Kanye West Yeezy Wearing Jordan 1 Court Purple
Tried to replicate the “Kanye West Wearing Jordan 1 Court Purple” shot!


  • Nike SB Dunk Atmosphere
  • Nike Air Max 1 Patta Monarch
  • Yeezy Foam Runner
  • New Balance 2002R Protection Pack
  • Jordan 1 Court Purple

Outfit Details

  • Carhartt Workwear Tee
  • Kith Black Tee
  • Essentials Sand Coloured Tee
  • Selfish Slogan Tee
  • Patagonia Tee
  • Carhartt WIP Tee
  • Rhuigi Rhu Polo
  • 4 Hunnid Tee
  • Rhuigi RHU Cargo Pants
  • Rhuigi RHU Nylon Shorts
  • Nike Techwear Pants
  • Carhartt WIP Denims


  • Omega Seamaster
  • Akila LA X Pleasures Sunglasses
  • Coco Leni Sunglasses
  • Luxellery Rings
  • Vitaly Gummy Bear Necklace

All images shot on an iPhone X on self-timer or by my family.

You can see my outfits uploaded real-time on my Instagram here.

Allen Claudius

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