The Rise Of Crocs Is Surprising, Although Inevitable – BEAMS X Crocs All-Terrain Military Clogs

2020 saw the rise of Crocs in the collective awareness of every individual who spent any time at all on Social Media. And in 2021, this continues.

And nothing divides public opinion like Crocs do. Even if you aren’t into sneakers or footwear. The general public is as divided as they come. But venture into sneaker enthusiast territory and things get worse. Lol.

While I have had a pair of Crocs from back in 2009 (I used it to buy groceries down the lane or to walk my dog) it had barely seen any wear lately. It’s only during the heavy monsoons when I would walk to my gym that I realised I might need a new pair.

Before we go any further, here’s a review video from my YouTube channel:

Since I was getting myself a pair of Crocs after 12 long years, it only made sense I got myself a really nice pair. And I opted to pick up the BEAMS Japan All-Terrain Military clog. This was a follow up collaboration from their earlier efforts in 2020 in 2019 that had everything from fringes to sun visors and fanny packs on the clog.

The 2021 drop was split into “Outdoor” and “military” and came in colorways Olive, Black, and Grey. Whilst the Outdoor pairs had elements of vests and parkas, along with carabiners, the Military pairs had more of a tactical look on the vamp. Think webbed straps and utility pouches. I opted for the Olive colorway purely because it had a really nice look to it with those bright orange hits on the outsole, alongside the tactical vest kinda upper.

The Strength of Crocs

Crocs have had a fairly wide roster of sought-after collabs in the past few quarters. To name a few, Post Malone, Pleasures, Balenciaga, and even Justin Bieber. And although the clog is more or less a staple, it’s more for it’s necessity rather than aesthetics or design appeal. Remember how I said my earlier pair was 12 years old? Yeah, that’s likely how long a pair of EVA moulded Crocs would likely last you. So we know they are built to last. But you know where you’re bound to see Crocs most often? In hospitals, kitchens, and other such jobs that require non-slip footwear and something that is easy to clean.

At the time of drafting this story, Crocs shares had hit their all-time high. Which only is a sign of how the market is receiving it.

I think some of the appeal or dare I say the endearing quality of Crocs is the sheer ugliness of its appearance.

What are your thoughts on Crocs? Do you think this is just a phase? Or will Crocs continue to rise in the coming years? Let me know in the comments.

All images shot on an iPhone 12


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