adidas EQT Support 93-17 Boost (Core Black) – Is this the Ultra Boost killer?

The adidas EQT Support 93-17 Boost has been touted as the Ultra Boost killer. A sneaker within the house threatening the flagship? A lot of people have asked me this question and I tested it in this piece.

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Also a quick video review of the sneaker before the detailed post, from my YouTube Channel

With the unprecedented success adidas has seen with their boost strapped sneakers like the Utraboost and NMD (I will leave Yeezy out of the conversation), it appears like there is no slowing down the momentum for the brand with the three stripes. When the EQT launched in July 2016, I fell in love with the silhouette and went on to own 3 different pairs. The only thing I felt was missing in the line-up was a Boost/Primeknit combined EQT. Surely enough, the first iteration came with a Primeknit upper combined with Boost. However thereafter, for reasons unknown, the brand has kitted out the EQT Boost with circular knit which is a mesh like material.

Bowties and Bones
This version came with a knit medial side, unlike the earlier releases that came with suede leather hits.

Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones

  1. Comfort – The EQT 93-17 has the highest amount of Boost amongst all the existing sneakers in the market. This makes it the comfiest pair of kicks to stand in, for long hours. However, the upper is not PK as on the UltraBoost. Therefore it is not a like-for-like comparison. I would rate it at par with the UltraBoost at the moment in terms of comfort. Were it a PK upper, the EQT Boost perhaps would have shot ahead on points.
  2. Support – This is a lifestyle sneaker, not meant for performance running. Therefore, although it has adequate support on the heel and mid-foot I would not recommend you use it for anything other than your day-to-day life. The UltraBoost is a proper running sneaker and has a Continental rubber outsole. It’s just that people use it as a lifestyle sneaker as well. Like all EQT sneakers, this variant also comes with an Ortholite in-sole.
  3. Aesthetics – I love the silhouette on the sneaker. The sharp drop from ankle to toe, the muscular lines on the Boost mid-sole, the Burrito tongue, medial side cage, etc. The only complaint I have here is that due to my broad feet, the tongue pops out instead of wrapping around my ankle neatly. Perhaps half a size up would solve that, but then this is a perfect True To Size fit.
  4. Utility of Elements – The dubrae on the EQT Boost serves no purpose and is only a visual element, much like the cage on the medial side. Although they don’t have a utilitarian purpose, they lend top points to the overall appearance of the sneaker. For instance the cage on the medial side wraps around and ends at the heel, while on the lateral side you have the ribbon like 3 stripes.

Verdict – I would strongly recommend the EQT Support line of sneakers, Boost or not. But with Boost, it changes the game altogether. I dare say, these are the comfiest sneakers I have worn in 2017, second only to the UltraBoost (again, not including the Yeezy in this list). It even beats the NMD by miles.

EQT Boost models are readily available to buy off the shelf at adidas Originals stores across the country. Won’t have to pay those ridiculous reseller prices.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones
The dubrae don’t do much and see how the Burrito tongue pops out?

Bowties and Bones


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