RE/Interpreting Life In The City with Lee Jeans

We RE/Interpret life in the city with Lee Jeans‘ Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection. Lee Jeans has always encouraged people to Stay Curious.

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We all dream of a better quality of life. A better life is relative of course. What is good for one, perhaps is better than the usual for another. How does one define better then? It is when something that already exists is re-interpreted to make it different, positive and contributive to life as we know it.

And the call to action is for the millennials who are responsive to the need of the hour. Millennials change the way regular functions. Every activity has an element of “RE” prefixed to it. It could be the way they commute, how energy is generated, protecting the environment (I covered this in detail here), culture or for that matter, the individuals that they are!

And to get cracking on it, I took a long, hard look at myself. I had let go of my priorities in the last 14 months and it was time I put things in place. I had to Re-look at myself. I decided to start spending more time on my feet, than on my seat! I decided to spend more time with dogs, than stalking blogs.

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones
RE/Look At Yourself

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones

I went around Bangalore city, Re-discovering what I should call my city having lived here for a year.

I Re-discovered my neighbourhood, with all its architectural brilliance which I had never paid attention to before. Because I was always looking ahead and never to the sides, so caught up with getting to my destination. But now, I saw things that caught my fancy and I had to photograph them.

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones
RE/Discover Your Neighborhood

I decided to meet up with my buds, who I hadn’t seen in a long time and Re-boot the weekend. Enough time has been spent at bars and road trips to get away from the city. I decided to catch up with them for some conversations and funny jokes that were also witty.

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones
RE/Boot The Weekend

While Gokul decided to Re-walk his way, Jobby Re-rode his streets. Gokul is an avid bike collector and has several vintage machines in his garage. And because he loves the environment, he takes them out occasionally. His choice of daily commute – the trusty skateboard. Jobby is a graphic designer and cycles to work because he’d rather spend his hours with family than stuck in traffic.

Jobby Jose Graphic Designer Lee Jeans
RE/Ride Your Streets

Jobby Jose Graphic Designer Lee Jeans

Gokul M PR Pundit Lee Jeans
RE/Walk Your Way

Gokul M PR Pundit Lee Jeans

It was a good decision to Re-connect with friends! Like they say, any city is only as good as the friends you make. We drank some much needed lemonade on what was an unusually warm afternoon. And then got right back into having some fun, trying our hand out at skateboarding. And then the sun went down and it was time for us to get back to life. But we got back a whole lot more refreshed!

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones

Shot and edited by Jagath Venkat for Bowties and Bones.

Outfits by Lee Jeans India
Sneakers on Gokul and Jobby : Vans
Sunglasses : RayBan

Urban Riders by Lee Jeans is structured for the man who likes to get about town. It is for the stylish commuter. Urban Riders is driven by style and functionality for those who prefer the city commute in unconventional modes, like bicycles and skateboards. If you are the kind who likes to go from work to the bar, without being out of place and in comfortable clothes then the Urban Riders collection is meant for you. Everything from the water repellant jackets, to hoodies and denims that have reflective designs, are designed for higher visibility. The stretch denims offer comfort and flexibility as you go about exploring the urban area or cycling to your appointment.

Go on, Re-Interpret your life!

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Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones


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