Who I am today and What shaped me – The drink, The city.

The drink (Coffee). The City (Bombay). These 2 elements shaped me into the individual that I am today.

Watch the video:

And now for the story.



Sheral sent me these Converse All Star Chuck Taylor II‘s as an early Christmas present. As I took it out of the box, I remembered picking up my first ever pair of Chuck’s back in 2004. It was a present too, from my brother. That was 11 years ago. A lot has changed since then. Except for my love for Converse.

Why do I love Converse? To me, they have always signified the hustle. And my life of hustle began in Bombay city. Mumbai, to be politically correct. But ain’t nobody got time for that.

Bombay is a city that makes you take stock of your life. Where you are headed.




The grind is real. The grind is hard.

Risk takers, life changers, dreamers – all of them make their way to Bombay which is the city of dreams. You have to run, not just keep up, you got to be ahead in the game. It isn’t for the individual who wants to chill with a beer. It is for the man who wakes up early in the day and makes the most of his waking hours. I love the grit of Bombay city. It challenges you to be better.

Which is where the coffee comes in. There is no later or tomorrow, it is right now. And joining in the race are the people who are tough, resilient, go-getters. If you can make it in Bombay, you can make it anywhere. Coffee kick starts my day. Coffee keeps me going. It’s my first beverage of the day. It’s my last drink before bed. There is no time for sleep. Everything is so fabulous around us, I want to experience every bit of it.

The thing about sneakers or good coffee, is that they have memories attached to them. Coffee takes me back to the year of 2004. Where I was on 7 espresso’s a day, studying in book stores because I didn’t have the money for college prescribed text books. I have been hustling from the time I was a teen. Hustling to get into a gig. Hustling my way through college without text books.

Today, I know who I am. I know what I want to do. As long as you are yourself, everything else falls into place. I have channeled all that I have learnt into this online magazine. I am not trying to fit in or follow the path that society has laid out. I don’t have time for comfort. Except when am out and about. Which is exactly what these Chucks give me.

The grind is still real. The grind is still hard. But it got a lot more comfortable.




Outfit Deets:

City Tee and Denims – Levi’s
Sneakers – Converse Chuck Taylor II
Watch – Tissot Heritage PR 516
Beads – Gentleman’s Community
Sunglasses – Opium

This shoot was done at BAD Cafe in Bandra, Bombay. The #badsiblings Amit and Bhavna have established something that is soon going to be iconic. From the decor to the coffee they brew. From the positive vibes to the yoga sessions. Everything about this place Brings A Difference.

Shot and edited by Deepak Singh for Bowties and Bones

BAD Cafe Bombay




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