The Iconic Adidas Superstar – 80s Clean Version (You haven’t seen these ever!!)

My Adidas and me, close as can be
We make a mean team, my Adidas and me
We get around together, rhyme forever
And we won’t be mad, when worn in bad weather.

That bit from the Run DMC track in 1986, aptly titled My Adidas, immortalized Adidas Superstars. Then came in Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst took them to the next generation of consumers. This wasn’t even a product placement, because it wasn’t until a few years that Adidas signed them on for a Run DMC edition in a deal worth 1 Million USD. This was the first deal with a corporation, in Hip Hop history.

alshoehold (1 of 1)-1024x1312

In existence since 1969, it was initially launched as a basketball sneaker. Nicknamed the “Shell-Toe“, their iconic design is synonymous with rich sneaker history. When launched, basketball players were quick to take to the Superstars. As the years progressed, these kicks moved from the court to the sidewalk.

adidas (1 of 9)-1280x433

armshoe (1 of 1)-1024x510

I have owned Superstars since 2009, when the Adidas Originals brand came out in the Indian market. I wear that first pair till date and is my favourite.

But this particular pair, oh man, this is unlike anything I have ever seen. Called the Superstar 80s Clean, it is devoid of any kind of labelling or branding on the shoe except for the Gold embossed Adidas Superstar print on the side of the heel. You have the trademark shell-toe and the rest of the shoe is just clean and neat. Nothing on the heel, nothing on the tongue!

adidas (9 of 9)-1024x1808

adidas (3 of 9)-1024x1536

adidasa (1= of 1)-1024x2602

Mainline Menswear sent me this pair all the way from UK to review and I can’t thank them enough for it. This specific model isn’t sold in India. At least not yet.

So when the world has begun to discover the iconic relevance of the Superstars, I am fortunate enough to have copped this pair!

Teamed with Distressed Denims from Jack and Jones
Crew Neck Tee from Tommy Hilfiger
Wolverine Fitted Hat from New Era

adidasminion (4 of 9)-1280x663

adidas graph(5 of 9)-1280x635

Here is a quick unboxing video, featuring Scratch:

Shot by Rajeev C for Bowties and Bones

adidas (6 of 9)-1024x1536



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