Upping your denim game with Don Ed Hardy Designs

I am a huge fan of Sailor Jerry ink. If you read my first ever post on this blog, you will see my reference to him. I even got swallows tattooed on my calf muscles last week of which, one of them were old school.


One of Jerry Collins’ students was Don Ed Hardy and through his association was able to study tattooing in Japan in 1973.

In the 2000s Ed Hardy licensed his brand extensively, the most famous being Christian Audigier. Hardy regained control of the brand in 2010. A wise decision, I would say.

Ed Hardy13

Ed Hardy8

Ed Hardy7

Ed Hardy2

Why? Because if you look at their output back in the day and today comparatively, you will see the world of difference.

I wouldn’t step into an Ed Hardy store at one point of time purely because their outfits weren’t (how do I say this without being rude) up my alley.

All that changed when I was approached for a review of their current line of Denims. What they make is extremely wearable. Be it their tees and shorts or denims and shirts.

Ed Hardy22

Ed Hardy23

I even picked one up for my first day on the new job. Had to take that selfie.


So go on, check out their merchandise. The classic tattoo designs are minimal but lovely nonetheless.

What was my only complaint? They didn’t have a polo tee with a Swallow embroidery.

Ed Hardy12

Ed Hardy5

Ed Hardy6

Shot by Deepak Singh

All outfits by Ed Hardy

Accompanying me is Johnson Miranda, a fellow tattoo addict and Event Manager.

Partially shot at Eddies Bistro‘s Backyard, only my favourite place in all of Bombay!

This is a sponsored post

Ed Hardy16

Ed Hardy15


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