New Kid On The Block – Viari World

People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs. – Alexei Sayle

People who know me, can vouch for my love of leather. Read about my favorite Leather Jacket, here. It might come across as being heartless and quite a few take offence, no doubt. But in a world of meat eaters and leather shoes, I tend to feel the argument is drowned out.

IMG_1403 copy
Doc Marten Boots and a Weather Proof Camera Bag from Viari

IMG_1227 copy

IMG_4431 copy
The Outback Satchel from Viari, in its element.

With leather, along with the design, it is quite important how the product is crafted. Does it feel soft to the touch, will it develop character as it takes a beating over a period of time? All of these questions are quite important because more often than not, anything you pick in well crafted leather is bound to stay with you for a while.


IMG_4443 copy
Canvas and Leather come together beautifully in this Viari Outback Backpack

One such brand that I was recently introduced to, is Viari. I actually ran into them when I was looking for a laptop bag to take to work online. They retail on Koovs. And ironically, that very same week, I got an invite to preview their collection at the Viari store in Bandra.

IMG_1411 copy Their spread is quite elaborate, like breakfast buffet in an up market Hotel. From classic to rugged, neat lines to chunky strength, office wear to something you would need when you go on a safari. Dont believe me? See how Viari got rugged with bikers who were braving the fluctuating weathers.

IMG_4164 copy IMG_1230

IMG_4296 copy
The Biker Wallet by Viari

IMG_4444 copy The designs by London based Silas Grant are young, the products feel great to touch and feel, the buying experience is quite pleasant. I have found a worthy option, the next time I go looking for a backpack or wallet that isn’t boring.

IMG_4448 copy IMG_1228

What do you make of their designs? Have you checked out Viari online? We are interested in your opinion, which you can leave behind in the comments section.

Photographs by Deepak Singh and Ankit Kadle

This is a sponsored post

IMG_4330 copy IMG_4355 copy


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