These Boots Are Made For Style. Obviously, Walking As Well.

Boots by Doc Marten. Shirt by Lacoste, Denims by Zara, Sunglasses by RayBan

These boots were made for walking – Nancy Sinatra

Boots in India earned a bad name. What with all the wrong kinds been teamed with horrendous clothes or the other way around. The infamous “boot-cut” denims are still seen a plenty amongst common folks. With those sharp toed cowboy boots no less! And every time I see them, I think to myself “WHY?!”

Namita of Take a Bow looks like a total Bad-ass in her steel toed boots!

The thing with boots is that they have a very rugged vibe and can as easily find themselves in the zone with trousers. But there are a few basic guidelines I have lived by on how to boot up.

photo 2
Soda and Doc Martens

Boots help you stay warm
Hig-top boots are perfect for colder days. They help you stay warm even if you decide to wear shorts when there is a bit of sunshine. But then again, am speaking of Indian climates where we don’t really get a lot of winter unless you are up north.

Tso Lhamo in Roots Boots, Norbu and TrinLha in Doc Martens

Ankle boots make your pants look good
These boots look good under denims, chinos or even trousers. If you have the gall, try them on with a suit. Keep them cleaned and polished though. You aren’t on a trek!

My work wear boots : Wingtips by Clarks. Chinos by Jack and Jones Originals.

I wear a pair of wingtip boots to work occasionally. They look like normal lace-ups with punched brogue detailing on them until you sit down and the hems of your pants rise. That is when people take notice. This pair also has side zippers that save you the hassle of lacing up every morning and also say bad-ass.

Martina Chongtham working her Doc Martens

Chelsea Boots
Usually at ankle height and without laces they have slim lines and look sleek. They can teamed with ease even if you aren’t the experimental types, in the boardroom. Just make sure that your suit is also slim and sleek. The Chelsea boot has an elastic panel known as goring, that lets you slide in and out of them comfortably.

As seen at Johnston and Murphy

Chukka Boots
This variant has seen a resurgence in popularity lately. Mostly made in suede leather, they have at best 3 eyelets of laces and are also known as desert boots. Best paired with denims or chinos with either an oxford shirt or tee thrown on.


Military Boots
Like the name suggest, they are very utilitarian. But to fit it in your wardrobe, opt out of black and go for a different color like hues of blue, green or red. They come with waterproof leather and look amazing with dark denims and a worne out tee or jacket.

Al Claudius looking pensive in Doc Marten boots. Shot by Kapil Shingada.

Lifestyle Boots
Think Timberland, that’s what am talking about. Those boots popularized by hip-hop music, loggers and so on. I still see kids wearing anti-fit, low slung denims with them which isn’t justified. Even if you are a minted rapper. Keep your denims straight and your boots clean.

Sahil Wason in Jack and Jones Logger Boots

Although a lover of boots, I would steer clear of any cowboy or motorcycle boots. They just aren’t fashionable, although they might be stylish if worn in their element. Like say, at a hoedown or as part of a biker gang respectively.

Shot by Kapil Shingada at Kraayonz Tattoo Studios

Let us know what you make of the post and how you like to team your boots, in the comments section. Stay warm this winter!




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