When Is It Ok To Drink Alone

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Cider is my go-to drink when am by myself. Hey, a pitcher counts as 1 drink!

Over coffee and a smoke with a former colleague the other day, he happened to mention how one of our mutual friends had a drinking problem. I was taken aback and asked him what brought about that assumption.

His response was a simple “He drinks alone”.

Stocking up some vacation alcohol. When you travel alone, a drink or two come in handy.

That got me thinking, surely there is nothing wrong with grabbing a drink by yourself. Occasionally. Perhaps? I mean, don’t people say that if you don’t enjoy your own company how do you expect others to? So if you don’t enjoy a drink by yourself, how will you do so in a social set up right? Right?

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t about getting sloshed, hammered, wasted (or whatever other term kids these days come up with) by yourself. No sir. A gentleman does not drink alcohol for its intoxicating abilities. You perhaps did, when you were young and stupid. Well, so was Ben Affleck when he chose to play Dare Devil. But look at him now, he is Batman!

I enjoy a drink by myself at home sometimes, over music and blog work. – Al Claudius

So then why is it ok?

It helps to have some alone time. Set your phone aside, don’t keep peeking over your shoulder or look around. Just you and your drink. Pay attention to it, the flavours, the color, the way it feels going down your throat. Enjoy that drink.

Beat away the blues with some Pilsner.

Will it not look weird?

It perhaps will, to the people who don’t know better. But then, when was the last time they paid any of your bills.

How do I do it, for the first time?

  • Go to a bar that you frequent. A familiar set up helps you ease out.
  • Don’t exceed one drink. If you must have 2, then make sure they aren’t large/strong.
  • Perhaps do it when you are expecting to meet some friends. So get to the venue ahead of them and grab that drink.
A good glass of Sangria sets the mood for the evening or noon. Not too sure about in the morning, though.

It feels good. I know this because I have tried it. Although I must admit, the first couple of times, I kept staring at my phone (since I am socially awkward). But eventually I got a hang of it.

When effort goes into brewing fresh batches of beer, you need to pay it some attention to truly appreciate the flavors.

The thing is, when your friends join in as you finish your “alone time” drink, it elevates the mood for the evening. You go from having a good time by yourself, to having a good time in the company of the faces you like the most.

Now, that is a thought worthy of raising a toast to. Cheers!


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