Streetwear Fit In Levi’s X Stranger Things And Some Photoshop!

I’d not watched a single episode of Stranger Things on Netflix. I had consciously steered clear of getting hooked to series or binge-watching them. But then, I liked the “upside-down” Batwing tee from the Levi’s X Stranger Things collection and wanted to pick it up. The only way I could justify it was by binge-watching all 3 seasons, which I eventually did over a weekend.

The photoshop edits weren’t planned. Shot the images at random and then when uploading it was talking to a friend and asked him to mess around with the images a little bit. Had I planned this through, the output would have been a lot better on the 2 edited images.

The tee, it turns out, fits like it is oversized in comparison to regular Levi’s tees sold here in India. So I went with my true size L (I wear an XL in Levi’s otherwise) with the Upside-Down batwing tee.

I kept the overall fit easy, as I always do. Teamed the tee with my Stone Island joggers and the Air Jordan 1 SB NYC to Paris pair. The intention wasn’t to shoot this specific fit, which is why it is all casual and downright basic. Again, like how all my fits are. Lol.

Allen Claudius
All sad because I binge-watched all 3 seasons of Stranger Things and now have nothing to do!
Allen Claudius
If I was a Stranger Things character, I’d probably be Hopper because of the belly and smoking! Lol
Allen Claudius
The Rightside Up
Levi's Stranger Things Tee
The Upside Down
Levi's Stranger Things Tee
Standing back up after I do this squat is always difficult. Lol
Stranger Things Levi's
With my new Doggo

Outfit Details

Pants – Stone Island
Tee – Levi’s X Stranger Things 
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 SB NYC to Paris

Do you binge-watch series? What did you think of Stranger Things? I thought Season 1 was the best by far. Season 2 was okayish. But Season 3 was a stretch. I was hoping they wouldn’t do a Season 4 but that has been announced. They need to quit when they’re ahead unless they can do something totally different this time around.

All photoshop edits by Alok Ojha.

Levi's Stranger Things Tee
Strange Wing Levi’s Tee


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