My Trip With Connie Yan Through Hanoi And Ninh Binh In Vietnam

When I visited Vietnam back in 2016, I always wanted to go back. I fell in love with the food, the life there (from an affordability perspective and coffee of course) and the vibe in general. It wasn’t too rushed like say, Thailand, nor was it way too relaxed like how I remember Jakarta to be.

I incidentally picked up an Air Max 1 during this trip, which was the sneaker that I wore all through my trip to Malaysia and Vietnam back in 2016.

But going by the images I took through this trip, it would appear like Connie Yan is the hero of the 2019 journey through Vietnam. Lol.

The trip was broken into 3 parts.

Part 1: I arrive into Ho Chi Minh from Bombay and Connie from Brisbane. Thereafter, we make our way to Hanoi to attend the wedding of Kathy and Karl.

Part 2: Connie decides to book us a tour through the Ninh Binh Province, that was a day filled with physical activity. I know right?

Part 3: We return to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) for a few more days before we make our way back to our respective lives.

In this edition, we look at Part 1 and Part 2. I will prep a follow-up blog post for Part 3 in the coming week.

To kick things off, here are the travel vlogs from my YouTube Channel for Part 1 and Part 2.

And now, let me take you folks through our trip in images.

Connie Yan
First meal with Connie was Banh Mi
Vietnamese Egg Coffee
Vietnamese Egg Coffee at Whisfee
Connie Yan
Hobo Outfit
What to eat in Vietnam
Dried Beef Noodles
Connie Yan
Wondering what shots to take at me, always.
Rice Rolls in Vietnam
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Connie Yan
I look at this picture and often wonder what would it take to get some of her attention or time.
Connie Yan
All happy and ready for some Vietnamese coffee
Travel Vlog Vietnam
Documenting every memory. Almost.
Connie Yan
A glass of wine to make trash appear classy. Fucking try hard.
Best Beer in Vietnam
Saigon Special Beer
Connie Yan
Look at that cutie, who needs a puppy?
Connie Yan
Always on her phone, texting random dudes
Connie Yan
Can you imagine, this was a test shot?
Allen Claudius
Wedding Outfit – Had to keep it streetwear
Nought One Designer Wear
Bandhgala Bomber by Indian Designer Brand Nought One
Mastermind Japan X Cole Haan
Threw on these Mastermind Japan X Cole Haan boots
Connie Yan
Connie cleans up pretty well
Sheraton Hanoi
When you are a minority..
Connie Yan
Pictures I take of Connie Yan
Allen Claudius
Pictures Connie Yan takes of me
Allen Claudius
I seem to say – “How do you not get one half decent picture of me when I have seen you do a bang up job in the past?”
Note Coffee Vietnam
Coconut Coffee at Note Coffee
Connie Yan
Buy a bride catalogue shot of Connie Yan
Connie Yan
Cycling in Ninh Binh
Tam Coc Boating
Tam Coc Boating, part of the Ninh Binh Tour
Connie Yan
Look at that view though
Travel Blog Vietnam
Beer over the Tam Coc river tour
Allen Claudius girlfriend
Connie and I at the top of Mua Caves.
Scenic Mua Caves
Mua Caves – View from the top
What to eat in Vietnam
Meal at the end of a really long day
Best Pho in Vietnam
Pho 10 has arguably the best Pho in Hanoi
Best Banh Mi Hanoi
Supposedly the best Banh Mi in Hanoi
Connie Yan
Connie attempts to replicate my Instagram DP

All images shot on an iPhone

Let me know what you make of the Vlog and the basic images. Make sure to leave a comment on the video as well as here, if you have any thoughts.

Stay tuned for the vlog and images of stage 3 of our trip. See you soon on the next one, you guys.


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