Does The Rise Of Donald Trump Represent The End Of Days?

By now, most of us have come to realise (if not fully accept) that Donald Trump is on his way to being elected President of the United States. Sure, there is Hillary at the forefront of the battle; but all those fears, hatred and resentment that the general American public had evidently suppressed appear to reflect in his confidence ratings. In every probability, he is going to be the next president of the United States.

Donald Trump Ugly Funny
Milking the imaginary tit!

I made a comment in passing to my friends, as I went through my sky rocketing credit card bills, that I can’t wait for Trump to win so that all hell breaks loose and I don’t have to be liable to the banks anymore. But that got me thinking, what if Trump actually is a sign of the End of Days? I did a bit of reading up on the signs and conclude, we might as well be prepared for the “Rapture“.

The book of Revelation in the Bible, prophecies the arrival of the end of days in 2 phases. The first phase is called Seven Trumpets and the second and final phase is called Seven Bowls. The first phase is supposed to warn the people that the end is nigh. Doesn’t it strike you as odd, that this warning of the end of days is called a Trump(et)?! Ha!

It all begins with an earthquake. There apparently will be a series of 4 disastrous earthquakes that will signify that the end of days is going to begin. Earthquakes are getting stronger and more frequent and we are witness to it. Nothing like an “earth shattering” announcement huh? And then, begin the Trump-ets.

Donald Trump Ugly Funny
So much hate, so little class!

Whilst the trumpets are natural disasters like hurricanes and floods (we have seen a bunch of those lately), the real deal are the man-made issues. For instance, the war in Syria which is slowly but surely dragging in several countries into it reaching as far as India. Then there are the Nuclear arms strengthening of countries like North Korea. India was faced with severe drought earlier this year leading to food shortages. Then with Brexit, UK faces the impending doom of border and trade issues as they continue to deal with the crashing market and currency. The world is falling apart. The Bible talks about fire coming down from the skies as one of the end of day sign. We have plenty of drone attacks to substantiate that!  It isn’t called the “Rain of terror” in the bible for nothing.

The book of Revelation says that religious and political leaders will formulate laws on Moral Conduct. Sexual immorality will be the easiest target (considering murder and theft is ignored as a matter of fact in comparison) with laws governing homosexuality. And anybody who doesn’t conform with these laws will be deemed a terrorist. Look at the recent Orlando shooting, people are torn choosing between Terrorism based on religion or sexual preference as the core reason behind it. We should look at a current interpretation of prophecies, rather than taking it for it’s literal word. Maybe that will change the voting preferences of the American population. Haha, wishful thinking I guess.

Well, I have some more online shopping to do and maxing out my credit card is on the agenda. Have a good one folks.

PS : My research capabilities are limited and this was written as the thought occurred to me. But think about it, this could be the end.

Donald Trump Ugly Funny
Did you say Orange is the new Black?


  1. Haha.. That was a funny post, didnt expect it in the least.
    P.S. The book also said that the earth was flat and sun moves around it. So take it with a pinch of salt.


    • Hahaha well some studies say that the planet really is flat and that the “globe” is a illusion. Pinch of salt it is, life is too short to take things any other way.


  2. Perhaps it just represents the end of the GOP. Practically every poll and pundit is currently predicting Trump will lose. As last days go, every day is the last one for somebody. Also, there’s no “book of Revelations”. It’s Revelation (no “s”), since the entire vision was at once “revealed” to John. (It’s also called the Apocalypse of John.)

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