The Quintessential Black Leather Jacket

Everyone should have a great jacket in their wardrobe. It is perfect to wear with a t-shirt and jeans and a great pair of high tops. – Brad Goreski


I have always been partial to the leather jacket. Despite being aware of the fact that the climate for miles around where I live (Bombay city), would seldom give me an opportunity to sport it. But then every winter I try and visit a couple of cities that are relatively cooler.


The Italian Job

As much as I hate to admit it, I turn into something short of Batman and prowl the streets late at night once it’s Christmas season, just for an opportunity to wear my leather jacket.


The winters this time around weren’t top of the shelf, but some mornings allowed me the luxury of feeling a little cold and thus necessitating the jacket. And when I did my Nike Air Max shoot in the city, I decided to try a few shots with my favorite jacket on. I even found the perfect prop, parked right there on the street where we did the shoot. I have a sort of a retro lust, if you guys haven’t figured that out already. Which is why most of what I own is a modern take on old school designs.



What is your go-to jacket? Do you prefer leather in it’s entirety? Or would you rather throw on faux? On the other hand, would you junk both options and pick a Denim Trucker Jacket? Unless there are options am not thinking of hurling at you. In which case, let us know in our comments section.

Sneakers Nike Air Max 90
Distressed Denims Jack and Jones
Tee Jack and Jones
Carbon Fibre Ring Peora
Sunglasses American Optical Original Pilot
Goat Skin Jacket Jack and Jones
Leather Wristband Hand Made in Turkey

Shot by Deepak Singh





  1. […] Clothes are seldom known to appreciate in value. Unlike a collector’s edition Rolex or the Heuer Monaco that Steve McQueen strapped on. But with wear, a leather jacket develops character. Besides, it won’t get a lot of wear time in tropical climates but when you pull it out for your next trip or during winter it will look all the same. Just store it well. Read the entire post here. […]


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