Meet Anna Gotsyk – Dream. Love. Shop.

Anna Gotsyk is a traveller, fashion lover and a marketing student. Originally from Ukraine, she has this Eastern-European spirit. Anna also created a fashion blog Dream. Love. Shop. 3 years ago. And like that wasn’t enough she was also featured on Teen Vogue.


B&B : What is the weirdest pick up line you have ever been subjected to?
Anna : While living in France in the last 1.5 years I always hear: “Do you speak French? I can teach you.” No.
Guys, please remember, it’s really No!!!

B&B : On the contrary, what’s the smartest pick up line you have ever heard?
Anna : I cannot think of anything special. Usually guys try so hard to sound original that they appear weird.

Anna2B&b : Define your kind of guy
Anna : A gentleman, one that makes me feel like a real woman next to him. One who takes care of himself and makes me laugh.

B&B : What is your way of unwinding?
Anna : Making a cup of hot tea or cacao (hot chocolaté), lighting up a candle and reading a book or watching a romantic comedy.


B&B : What’s your take on men’s fashion?
Anna : I live in France and French men are definitely fashionable. But sometimes it is just too much. I am sorry, but when at 8 AM on my way out I see a guy who looks as if he spent more time on himself than I did on myself in the morning, I consider it to be abnormal. So my guy would probably wear just a pair of good jeans, good shoes and a good sweater.

Anna Evening 1

B&B : Beards or clean-shaven?
Anna : Beards. But not too much of a beard. 😉

(Sigh, why won’t thèse women just love luxurious beards ?!)

B&B : Summer or Winter? Why?
Anna : Summer. Or Winter in the South of France. 20 days before Christmas is a good amount of winter. Just to wear those cute red reindeer-print sweaters.


B&B : What would you wear on an evening out to the bar with friends?
Anna : I will skip jeans. I am more into perhaps a casual grey or black dress that fits well. Or a pair of black shorts, a silk blouse and a pair of wedged sneakers.

B&B : Read a book or watch a movie?
Anna : Read a book. It’s really weird but I fall asleep while watching movies all the time. So I do not usually get to the end.


B&B : Oh then you missed that climax scene in The Notebook, where Wolverine splices up the life support on the old woman?!
Anna : Stares blankly without batting an eyelid.



B&B : One wardrobe staple you cannot do without?
Anna : A bag. Any outfit is incomplete without an IT bag. Or any boring outfit that consists of Zara jeans and a Mango sweater will change dramatically if you add a Louis Vuitton Bag.


B&B : One wardrobe staple you think is indispensible for men?
Anna : A pair of good denims.


You can check out more of Anna on her Facebook page Dream.Love.Shop

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